21 May 2012

M.A.C. Hey, Sailor! Lipstick in Red Racer Review

After a break, I'm back to review another lipstick- this time from M.A.C.'s limited collection called Hey, Sailor! Of course, the package was so delightful that I knew I'll buy it as soon as it will hit the stores. It's available in 4 shades: Red Racer, Sail la Vie, Salute! and To Catch a Sailor. I choose the first one, because it's a great shade of red, very intense, plus it looks better on me than the other shades.

Oh that beautiful package! <3 It's not some lightweight plastic, but a very solid one.

The lipstick has a satin finish. M.A.C. lipsticks are considered to be very good, you just have to apply it to look gorgeous. 

Here are all of the shades: from left to right:
Red Racer, To Catch a Sailor, Salute! and Sail la Vie

Price- $15.50 / £14.00 / 19.00€

8 May 2012

First post - L'Occitane Pivoine Délicate Lipstick Corail in Charmant review

Hi, everyone! I hope this blog will be visited by as many people as possible, and that you will leave comments- it's always nice to see that someone've read my post :-). I'm going to review beauty products, as well as add post on a different subject- fashion, cooking, etc. Well, that's my plan, we'll see how it will all turn out. I write in English, but I'm from Poland, so if there will be any mistakes in the text, sorry- I must admit that I'm not the best in grammar.
So, the first review is on a limited edition of L'Occitane lipstick, which is the first make-up product I bought from them.
I LOVE limited edition cosmetics! They usually have gorgeous packages, and I'm a sucker for a beautiful packages- how many times I bought cosmetics just because they look pretty I don't really remember ;-) I just can't help it- when I saw this lipstick, I knew it must be mine, it doesn't matter if it's good or not. 

The Pivoine Délicate collection includes more products, like hand and body lotions, lip balm, gloss, shower gel and a fragrance. But I loved also the Shimmering Powder which is sold in a lovely old-fashioned perfume bottle. Plus they have also special bags for the client who will buy something at the store (you can see the fragment on a pic above).

 The shade is delicate pink-red which I think is the prettiest from three available shades (Charmant, Délicate and Discret). Looking on it, I thought they will give more intensity and coverage, but after applying it on my lips the effect was very subtle. It lightly tints and makes lips more shiny. I usually use lipstick in bold colors and I'm not a fan of lipglosses. But this one is really nice if you wat to lightly tint your lips.

Price: 16.00 / $16.00 / £12.50