27 Nov 2013

Dior - Diorific Perfumed Illuminating Face Powder - 002 Perle D'Or - Golden Winter Collection

Golden Winter is the name of Dior's Holiday 2013 limited makeup collection. I adore limited collections - the packaging is usually very tempting! Just look at this little beauty!
The compact is quite heavy, comes with a good quality brush and a mirror.

I don't think it can be used as everyday powder/highlighter since the shimmer/glitter is very noticeable and dramatic. It can't be seen on the pictures, only after swatching it on my hand.

As for a scent- it's suppoded to smell like J'Adore - one of the iconic Dior fragrances... I know that smell but I really can't say if I smell it- even when I'm sniffing this powder... xD So the scent is not noticeable. 

Buying this powder is a guilty pleasure. I didn't really need this, but unfortunately the packaging was too tempting. So, if you're:

- Dior makeup addict
- loving limited editions and/or beautiful packagins
- having money to spend £ 49 for a 6 grams of product
then buy it. In other cases, spend it on something more... useful.

Pale foundation Swatches Comparison - Part One.

Left to Right:

1. Inglot - AMC Foundation in shade 220 - sheer coverage with strong yellow undertones
2. Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51 Light Vanilla - medium coverage w. yellow/neutral undertones
3. Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation S in 00 Alabaster - light coverage w. yellow undertones
4. Clarins Everlasting Foundation in 103 Ivory - full coverage w. beige undertones

( Right now I'm mixing Bourjois - which is a little too dark - with Paul & Joe foundation. Clarins Everlasting is too beige and it oxidizes so I use it sometimes as a concealer since the coverage is full )